If You Were in My Movies (2018 - ongoing)

(Or A Personal Approach to Genres)









If You Were in My Movies is an ongoing project that I reconsider how movies influence my approaches to photography.  In my earlier stage of taking photographs, movie stills, rather than masterpieces of renowned photographers, were my main references.  A still image frame is a small piece of visual language, in which conventions take effect on its meaning.  I seemed to shoot a single movie frame as I pushed the shutter button of my camera.  It is intriguing as I look back on the experience, and I can’t help wondering how those conventions act on me.  I reused my earlier photo works to create these screenshot-like images, and as they are edited and subtitled they become a reassessment of my personal approach to genres, cinematically and photographically, and what inspired me to take and make photos.  What would you be -- the light, the shadow, the color, the subtitle or simply the presence of the absent narrator -- if you were in my movies?