Riddles and Rhymes (2019)

是一個以 QR Code 與 Barcode 為視覺表現的創作計畫,



*請點擊 QR Code 閱讀文字

*Line 掃描行動條碼功能不支援純文字讀取



Canvas Prints

33 X 24 cm

4 Pcs


Rhymes ㄧ維條碼歌本取材於加拿大歌手 Sarah Mclachlan 歌曲 Possession,以 CODE 128 編製而成。

This visual songbook is generated and encoded in CODE 128, a type of linear barcodes.

Possession by Sarah Mclachlan, from the album Fumbling Towards Ecstasy (1993).

“Oh you speak to me in riddles and / Y

ou speak to me in rhymes”

Rhymes 29.7 X 21 cm / 56 Pages / Self-publication 個人出版

Rhymes (front cover)

“Listen as the wind blows”

“From across the great divide / Voices trapped in yearning”

“Memories trapped in time / The night is my companion”