The Writing Project

寫作計畫 (2014)

A 365 Day Project


This project is an exploration of authorship, originality, and individual uniqueness. I wrote down my everyday life, and all the posts were QUOTED from my FB friends and fanpages.

Web-based work at

試評苗之珊《寫作計畫》◎ 何沐恬

主體與他者「之間」:苗之珊《寫作計畫》◎ 沈柏逸

概念實體化試讀本2015年1月印製完成   12.8 X 19 cm; 208 Pages; 膠裝;米色道林內頁


12.8 X 19 cm;208 Pages;膠裝;米色道林內頁


And don’t let anyone tell that I have not said anything new:

la disposition des matières est nouvelle.


  ── 巴斯卡(Blaise Pascal)

Web-based work at Tumblr    Started from January 01 to  December 31, 2014.

Web-based work at Tumblr

Started from January 01 to December 31, 2014.






Editor’s Notes

Instead of writing personal journals or practicing skills, The Writing Project is a one-year experiment to reconsider these questions: What is the authorship? What is the editorship? Is an editor an author in some sense? And, is the uniqueness of individual an illusion?

From January 1 to December 31 in 2014, I took a quote each day from Facebook friends or fanpages as my diary. As the boundary between people’s original writings and the quotes from Facebook posts starts to blur, it seems that my life experience, though fragmental, echoes with those friends’, and vice versa. I cannot help thinking that the so-called uniqueness of individual appears to be a self-delusion and an illusion. How come those words I pieced up in the quotation marks resemble my own experience, even though I prefer to believe my own existence is incomparable and unique?

The similarities among us are more than differences, perhaps?